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MS Office 2021 vs MS Office 2019: What’s New?

Microsoft Office has been a cornerstone for productivity, offering essential tools for personal and professional use. With the release of MS Office 2021, users might wonder how it compares to its predecessor, MS Office 2019. This blog will explore the key differences, improvements, and whether the upgrade is worth it for you.

Overview of MS Office 2019

Released in September 2018, MS Office 2019 built upon the robust foundation of Office 2016. It included classic apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, with a host of improvements aimed at enhancing user productivity. Some notable features introduced in MS Office 2019 included:

  1. Advanced Data Analysis in Excel: Enhanced data analysis features like new formulas, charts, and PowerPivot.
  2. Improved Inking Features: Better pen support for all the apps, allowing for more natural writing and drawing.
  3. New PowerPoint Features: Introduction of Morph and Zoom capabilities for more dynamic and engaging presentations.
  4. Focused Inbox in Outlook: A smarter inbox that prioritizes important emails.

While these features marked significant improvements over Office 2016, technology evolves rapidly, and so does the need for more advanced tools.

What’s New in MS Office 2021?

MS Office 2021 vs. MS Office 2019 Whats New

MS Office 2021, released in October 2021, brings a series of enhancements and new features designed to cater to the modern user’s needs. Here are some of the standout additions:

  1. Real-Time Collaboration: One of the most significant updates is the real-time collaboration feature, which allows multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously, fostering teamwork and efficiency.
  2. New Functions and Tools in Excel: Excel 2021 introduces several new functions, such as LET() and XMATCH(), which simplify complex calculations and data analysis.
  3. Enhanced Performance: Across all Office apps, performance improvements ensure faster loading times and smoother operation.
  4. Modernized User Interface: A refreshed UI with a more modern look and feel, including new start-up visuals and tab redesigns, making navigation more intuitive.
  5. Integration with Microsoft Teams: Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams for better communication and collaboration within organizations.
  6. Improved Accessibility Features: Enhanced accessibility options to make the software more inclusive for users with disabilities.

MS Office 2021 vs. 2019: Key Differences

When comparing MS Office 2021 to MS Office 2019, several key differences stand out:

  1. Collaboration: MS Office 2021’s real-time collaboration feature is a game-changer for teams working remotely or in different locations, unlike Office 2019, which lacked this capability.
  2. Functionality and Tools: The introduction of new functions in Excel 2021, like LET() and XMATCH(), offers more advanced data analysis options compared to Excel 2019.
  3. User Interface: The modernized UI in Office 2021 provides a more user-friendly experience, with visually appealing and functional improvements over Office 2019.
  4. Performance: Office 2021’s improved performance ensures a more efficient workflow, with faster response times and reduced lag.

MS Office 2021 Price and Lifetime Price in India

Understanding the pricing of MS Office 2021 is crucial for making an informed decision. The MS Office 2021 price varies depending on the version and licensing options. In India, the lifetime price for MS Office 2021 Home & Student version is approximately ₹9,199, while the Home & Business version is priced around ₹24,799. These prices reflect a one-time purchase cost, offering users a lifetime license without the need for a subscription.

Is the Upgrade Worth It?

Deciding whether to upgrade from MS Office 2019 to MS Office 2021 depends on your specific needs. If real-time collaboration, enhanced data analysis tools, and a modernized UI are essential for your work, upgrading to MS Office 2021 is a worthwhile investment. However, if the features in MS Office 2019 suffice for your current needs, you might not find the upgrade necessary.


MS Office 2021 introduces several valuable features and improvements over MS Office 2019, catering to the evolving demands of users. With its advanced collaboration tools, new Excel functions, and a more intuitive interface, Office 2021 is designed to enhance productivity and streamline workflows. Evaluate your needs and budget to determine if upgrading to MS Office 2021 is the right choice for you.


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