Best Antivirus of 2021

If you are searching for the best antivirus of 2021 in order to protect your data from the cyber criminals then, Yes you are at the right spot. As Cyber criminals are getting savvier and more dangerous day by day, finding workarounds to existing security measures and making their way into secure networks. Unfortunately, individuals should be just as worried about cyber criminals as big businesses, and even if you surf the web on a secure browser and use threat-detection software, it can be all too easy for an insidious program to wind up on your machine.

If a cyber criminal or virus makes it through your defenses, it can lead to chaos such as identity theft. This is why anyone with a Windows PC should install antivirus software on their machine the moment it’s out of the box and should update that software regularly to stay ahead.

Antivirus software is an essential tool for identity protection, and there’s just too much personal information on your computer these days to risk one without online threat protection. 

We regularly research and test our options to determine which software leads the pack, because not all antivirus software programs are created equal. The best antivirus software is a program that includes features like malware protection, monitors downloads, and observes your system’s activity for malicious software and suspicious behavior. And also offers a secure browser experience in the process.

However, keeping your data safe and guarding your privacy extends beyond virus protection, and that’s where third-party antivirus software shines. A full AV software protection package can monitor your Windows operating system as well as MacOS, iOS, and Android devices and include a password manager, secure online backup, identity theft protection, a VPN, parental control, webcam protection, protection against phishing and malicious websites and more — all worthwhile security suite tools that can keep your data secure and guard your privacy.

If you’re looking for malware protection and antivirus software with the best security features, here are the top 5 Antivirus you can get at the best price.

Here are the 5 Best Antivirus of 2021

#1) Quickheal

Quick Heal Technologies Ltd. (Formerly Known as Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) is one of the leading IT security solutions company. Each Quick Heal product is designed to simplify IT security management across the length and depth of devices and on multiple platforms.

They are customized to suit consumers, small businesses, government establishments and corporate houses. Quick Heal is committed to developing security solutions that ensure resource availability, business continuity and uninterrupted digital experiences. The organization is managed in high entrepreneurial spirit and has always encouraged adaptation to technological transformations and product customization and has a customer-centric approach.

#2) McAfee

McAfee is a leader in online protection. McAfee makes life online safe and enjoyable for everyone. They are focused on protecting people, not devices. The solutions adapt to cusetomers’ needs in this always-online world. Empowering the customers to confidently experience life online through integrated, easy-to-use solutions that provide total protection for their families and communities.

For starters, you get comprehensive protection against a wide variety of malware threats Secondly, you get McAfee Wi-Fi Inspector which provides ample protection against home network threats. Also, you get a Password Protector. if you are looking for an antivirus that can help you to remember your password. So, McAfee has a feature to lock all your passwords and credit card information behind a Master password. Learn more at

#3) Kaspersky

Kaspersky is a global cybersecurity company founded in 1997. Kaspersky’s deep threat intelligence and security expertise are constantly transforming into innovative security solutions and services to protect businesses, critical infrastructure, governments, and consumers around the globe.

Their features include Excellent Free Security. So, If you’re a security-conscious person on a tight budget, you’ll appreciate the fact that Kaspersky Security Cloud Free gives you all the basics of antivirus protection at no charge. The company’s comprehensive security portfolio includes leading endpoint protection and a number of specialized security solutions and services to fight sophisticated and evolving digital threats. Over 400 million users are protected by Kaspersky technologies and we help 270,000 corporate clients protect what matters most to them. Learn more at

#4) Bit Defender

Bitdefender delivers robust security you can rely on. With a global security delivery infrastructure protecting half a billion users, visionary solutions, and a wealth of awards, we have been a trusted security provider since 2001.

Monitor Threat attack over Lan. Email Protection- Blocking unwanted/Fraud Emails. Scan incoming POP3 Mails and attachments. Vulnerability Scan- Used to identify security weaknesses in a computer system. 

Bitdefender works with government organizations, large enterprises, SMEs, and private individuals across more than 150 countries. Powered by its depth of security expertise and rapid pace of research and development, Bitdefender’s long-standing mission is to deliver transformative security technologies to the world’s users and organizations. We are dedicated to providing solutions to each of their challenges and needs – and our dedication proves to be successful. Learn more at

#5) Escan

Escan encompasses Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Content Security, Anti-Spam, Network Intrusion Prevention Solutions, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test (VAPT). Incorporated in the USA with offices worldwide, we are represented by our partners across the globe.

To save your windows from new virus sources, Spywares, Malwares, Worms, Escan is best for you to remains your pc protected from the latest viruses. 

The Features offered by Escan are Antivirus & Anti-Malware -Multilayered protection against all types of viruses. LAN Protection- Monitoring of LAN networks. Monitor Threat attack over Lan. Email Protection- Blocking unwanted/Fraud Emails. Scan incoming POP3 Mails and attachments. Vulnerability Scan- Used to identify security weaknesses in a computer system.

The existing Malware Protection of Escan is now enhanced and offers more protection to your PC against spyware, adware, keyloggers, and other malicious programs. With this defence in place, your PC gets round-the-clock protection from all types of dangerous surprises on the Internet. 

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